In our research we address the effects of organizations' communication activities on their stakeholders as well as the influence of stakeholders' communicative actions on organizations and the interaction of the two. We aim to find answers to the following overarching research question: How do organizations use communication to become or remain accepted and trustworthy members of society and to create a climate of trust and inclusiveness within the organization?

We generally use a mixed methods approach to address the research questions, which include quantitative research methods, like surveys, experiments and content analysis as well as qualitative approaches to generate in-depth insights into complex phenomena. Our interdisciplinary team of scholars works jointly at CCom Research Group bringing together their expertise in communication science, psychology, marketing and management.


The CCOM team conducts research in the following areas:

Employee Communication

Corporate Social Responsibility and Diversity & Inclusion

Complaining and Criticism on Social Media

Blurring Boundaries between PR, Advertising and Journalism

Management of Content and Messages