The CCom Research Group is the departmental unit for research in corporate communication and public relations at the Department of Communication at the University of Vienna. Our interdisciplinary research is inspired by theoretical and empirical approaches from communication science, psychology, marketing and management in order to generate new insights on the communication challenges companies and organizations are facing in a dynamic environment. Specifically, in our research we address the effects of organizations' communication activities on its stakeholders as well as the influence of stakeholders' communicative actions on organizations and the interaction of the two.

Key constructs in our research on communication effects are corporate reputation, trust and identification. We furthermore enquire into the management of communication by applying an integrated approach that encompasses various areas of communication, especially public relations, marketing communication, branding and internal communication. In our empirical research we use quantitative research methods in particular, above all experiments, surveys and content analysis, but we also embrace qualitative approaches to generate in-depth insights into new and complex phenomena. To tackle these research challenges an interdisciplinary team of scholars works jointly at CCom bringing together their expertise in communication science, psychology, marketing and management, which accounts for our unique approach to research in corporate communication and public relations.

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We congratulate our colleague Daniel Wolfgruber on the successful defense of his dissertation and wish him all the best for his start of work at HEC...


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Am 24./25. November hat Sabine Einwiller erste Ergebnisse des Projekts „D&I-Kommunikation als Provokation?“ präsentiert, das von Daniel Wolfgruber als...


Together with the team of WU we had the honor to host the 23rd EUPRERA conference. It took place from September 21st to 24th.


In our new publication, we focus on some negative implications (e.g., job frustration, job disengagement) that an organizational crisis can have for...