Collaboration between Academia and Industry


Higher education institutions (HEIs) are key organizations to accelerate social, economic, and technological progress by generating both highly qualified human potential and knowledge relevant to society. The transfer of knowledge and technology has become increasingly crucial as a fundamental aspect of HEIs’ “third mission”. One way of transferring knowledge is by establishing collaborative relationships between HEIs and industry.

The research project “Collaboration between Academia and Industry” explored the cooperation between public universities, universities of applied sciences, and industry in Austria to gain insights into their strategies and approaches. It focused on the objectives, goals, areas, and forms of collaboration, the role of the major actors in orchestrating the collaboration, organizational structures, and the role of the government in support of the collaboration.

The project was funded in 2022 by the Higher Education Research and Applied Science (HERAS+) program through a postdoctoral scholarship to Dr. Arbresha Meha, Professor Associate at the University of Applied Sciences in Ferizaj, Kosovo.

Contact: Arbresha Meha, Sabine Einwiller

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Meha, A., & Einwiller, S. (2024). Collaboration between academia and industry. Examining the situation in Austria. ISBN: 978-3-200-09674-5.