Content Management in Agile Organizations

In the digitalized and mediatized global information society, agility is a promising strategy to cope with challenges posed by complex organizational environments. As part of the research project „Corporate Communications in Agile Organizations”, which is conducted in a joint effort by researchers at Universities of Leipzig, Münster and Vienna, we investigate how agile organizations manage content and topics.

Corporate communications have undergone tremendous changes in recent years, as the information and communication needs and demands of various stakeholders have increased significantly. To cope with these challenges, the management of content, issues and topics has become a vital part of corporate communications. Here, content management is understood as the management of topics and the stories derived from them, which generate benefits for stakeholders and the organization. Organizational listening, storytelling, corporate newsroom, content marketing and owned media are key terms here. To ensure successful content management, it seems essential to create agile structures which feature, among others, flat hierarchies, teamwork, error culture and specific personnel development.

In this context, we examine how topics are identified, edited and communicated via different channels in a consistent and integrated manner. In order to gain profound insights, we conduct interviews with experts on content management: departmental managers, channel and topic managers. The aim is to elicit the structures, processes and tasks that are needed to achieve an effective and successful management of topics and stories, and how much agility matters with regard to corporate content management.

This project is funded by the Academic Society for Management & Communication.

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