Mag. Dr. Ingrid Wahl

Senior Researcher (Post-Doc)

Room 06.60
Kolingasse 14-16, 1090 Vienna


Consultation hours by appointment via email


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Ingrid Wahl is a postdoctoral researcher in the Corporate Communication Research Group at the Department of Communication. Her research interests focus on the formal and informal internal communication processes of organizations, which work primarily remote. She is interested in how both formal communication and informal communication affect the motivation, work behavior, and job satisfaction of employees. Currently, she examines how the perception of managers as powerful and/or trustworthy affect the work behavior (i.e., voluntary compliance, enforced compliance, and counterproductive work behavior) of teleworking employees. Internal communication, which creates an inclusive and thus trust-promoting work climate, is of particular interest. Ingrid Wahl's original background is in economic psychology, where she conducted research on cooperation in social dilemma situations (i.e., tax honesty, fare dodging).